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Posidonia exhibition 2024

03 June 2024 | #Repair, 3D Scan

We are proud to announce the launch of our new engineering and service department, PropSas! This specialized team will revolutionize maritime…

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Propeller Optimization in Marine Power Systems: Exploring Its Contribution and Correlation with Renewable Energy Solutions

26 April 2024

by Bruna Bacalja Bašić ,Maja Krčum and Zdeslav Jurić, Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Split, 21000 Split, Croatia

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Geometry optimization of marine propeller operating in vessel wakefieldd

28 March 2024 | #Optimization

Master thesis of Student Intern Jure Vobner, University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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Impact of manufacturing tolerances on marine propeller performance

08 September 2021 | #Optimization, 3D Scan

Diploma thesis of Student Intern Jure Vobner, University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,

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Propeller scanning

01 September 2020 | #3D Scan

Scanning is a process that has been known to us for many years. Initially, scanning was done only in two dimensions, and this was called copying some…

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To repair the irreparable

01 October 2019

Recently, we witnessed an incredible story about a major problem faced by our largest shipping company, Jadrolinija, which was resolved by our company…

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Successful Propeller Repairs on Tugboat Wilbur

04 May 2015 | #Repair, Modification, Optimization

We are pleased to share the successful outcome of the propeller repair on our tugboat, Wilbur. Managed with utmost care and precision, this project…

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Optimization of marine propellers with constant pitch

15 November 2012

Scientific Journal of Maritime Research,University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Vladimir Vetma Ph. D. student, Dr. sc. Zlatan Kulenović, Dr.…

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Sea trials before and after Optimization of the Propeller on m/b “VRANJIC”

05 July 2008 | #Optimization

We are thrilled to share the outstanding results of the recent propeller optimization carried out on the m/b “VRANJIC” (1343 DWT, 80.2 m)

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