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New Propellers

Explore our range of meticulously crafted propellers that embody innovation and performance. Each product is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern maritime operations. From commercial ships to luxury yachts, our propellers are engineered for excellence and durability.



TORNADO is propeller series of our manufacture, these propellers are made to customer order or as standard in bronze and NiBrAl. Each propeller is given special attention. Propeller models are manufactured using 3D printers after computer-aided design, and the final hopper finish is optimized using Prop Scan devices and/or 3D scanners. 
Smaller propellers are produced minimally at "I" class, while larger propellers are optimized for "S" class in accordance with ISO 484/2 propeller standard. We also optimize larger propellers to class "EPS 0" according to customer requirements.



TORNADO 352 propeller is a bronze 3 blade configuration. Suitable for small displacement craft 10 knots.


TORNADO 469 propeller is a bronze 4 blade configuration. Suitable for small semi-displacement vessels 15 knots.


TORNADO 485 is a bronze propeller with 4 blades, suitable for semi-displacement and planing boats up to 16 to 24 knots


TORNADO 506 is a bronze propeller with 5 baldes, most often used for high speed crafts to achive up to 40 knots. 



For VOLVO PENTA A,B,C – Series DP280 i DP290


Excellent acceleration and top speed


Bravo 1 propeller replacement



Large diameter and blade area for big boats

Calculation and design

Our engineers use specialized program developed by Hydrocomp.inc which is based on empirical correlations to sufficiently design and size correct propeller for your applications and everyday use.

Additional in our house we have research and development department where we design propellers for professional use and applications where every detail is important in order to achieve maximum performance and get as efficient propulsion system as possible. With help of our in house expert engineering department we guarantee that every vessel will achieve  supreme efficiency and by developing most sophisticated design available on the market. By implementing Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD we can accurately foresee fluid behavior and precisely estimate propeller operating conditions. After evaluating present conditions we can suggest possible improvements and modifications to your existing propulsion system or new design. We are constantly developing new approaches to improve our propeller designs this is why we developed our own optimization algorithm using machine learning to use less computer power and generate: Faster designs, more efficient designs (ECO line), silent designs (reducing cavitation and vortex shading).

Fluid dynamics also provide us valuable insight in pressure distribution which can be further coupled with stress analysis. Finite element method (FEM) is used to evaluate blade thickness possible constructive interference nodes to eliminate vibrations and failure points.

Custom design

To ensure correct final product we 3D print propeller models from plastic to create exact negative in casting mold. In our house we have two special 3D printers which are able to produce propeller models up to 4 m in diameter. With this kind of production approach we ensure that our clients get exactly what was designed for their vessel and not physically modifying prefabricated design.

CNC Machining

To ensure best quality and exceed all tolerances in eager to ensure smoothest and most efficient ride possible, we offer complete propeller manufacturing and machining with computer numerically controlled milling machine. Our four axis machining center ensures that all propellers up to 2 m in diameter can be machined from raw casting just in one setup. Moreover, conical bore and all blades are machined in one setup, this ensures that all geometrical dimensions and correlations are exactly as specified in design with in a 0,01 mm deviations.

Mirror finish polishing

Propellers polished to the highest surface quality increase the performance of the vessel, as the viscous friction on the blade surface is greatly reduced and the engine therefore consumes less energy. The polished surface is also more repellent to organisms and more resistant to oxidation.