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Problems caused by
the propeller

Singing propeller

Some propellers produce high-frequency sounds at certain engine speeds that sound like singing.
At best, this can be uncomfortable, but if this happens at the revs you drive most often, this will be unacceptable. In most cases, there is a cure for this.


The vibrations are not only unpleasant, but also a sign of propeller inefficiency. They can be caused by inaccuracies in pitch, propeller surface, section shape and propeller imbalance.
Prop Scan allows us to identify and eliminate these irregularities, resulting in a smoother ride, a more efficient and often faster propeller.

Cavitating propeller

Propeller-induced cavitation causes vibration, 
noise and serious damage to the propeller. 
Can this be avoided?
The problem of cavitation can be divided into two categories. Cavitation caused by the propeller and cavitation caused by the ship itself (i.e. cavitation caused by hull shape, various additions and modifications).
If the cavitation is caused by a propeller, we can measure and test your propeller using the Prop Scan system and show you the cause and by changing the design of the propeller blade we will solve the cavitation problem.

Increase in fuel consumption

Does your boat use more fuel 
than the recommended amount?
Poor class propellers increase fuel consumption.
The ISO Class S propeller consumes on average 10-15% less fuel than the ISO Class III propeller.

Underloaded engine

When the engine speed is higher than the maximum prescribed speed, the engine does not develop maximum power.
In other words, don’t get the optimum out of your engine.
In most cases, this means it can be obtained quickly.

Overloaded engine

 An overloaded engine has a significantly reduced 
service life, and in addition to throwing unburned fuel into the wind, black smoke will seriously jeopardize 
your driving pleasure.
By modifying and optimizing the propeller, 
we completely solve the problem of engine overload, which will result in lower consumption and a more comfortable ride.